Specific Building Hazards You Need To Know To Stay Safe

Moist cement is a caustic material that can cause serious chemical burns when exposed to the skin or eyes. Always stay safe with proper eye protection, alkaline resistant gloves and full-length shirts and pants when working near wet cement. If you need to stand on fresh concrete while sitting in your place, wear waterproof boots.

The eyes are particularly vulnerable to blowing dust, concrete splashes and other foreign objects. In some jobs, it may be advisable to wear full-lined glasses or safety glasses with side guards. Protect your head and eyes using the right safety equipment and stay alert. Dry concrete can irritate the eyes, nose and throat as well as the skin.

If an employee gets the cement wet in his eyes, he should rinse it with water for at least 15 minutes. If you or your crew are working with fresh concrete, be careful to avoid and treat skin irritation and / or chemical burns. Always wear protective clothing such as waterproof clothing, high boots, alkaline resistant gloves, long pants and long sleeves while on site. If skin irritation persists or with deep burning, seek medical attention immediately.

Take it easy, hold that railing and if you’re not sure about anything, ask! Even concrete manufacturers can learn something from grandma. The income of workers in the concrete industry has increased in the past five years.

Depending on the circumstances of your project, glasses or safety glasses with side protectors may be required. Immediately rinse the eyes and skin that coloured concrete supplier Australia come into contact with fresh concrete with clean water. Seek immediate medical attention if burns affect or appear to affect much of your skin.

They should also keep safety data sheets that all workers have access to and maintain clear labeling on hazardous substances. Wherever a concrete mix or leakage occurs, you must have eye wash stations available. In this way, workers can immediately rinse their eyes if they get concrete dust or debris from them. The Del Zotto family has been supplying quality products to the concrete industry for more than half a century. We fully support the safety and well-being of employees and contractors across the industry. We only provide the best forms and equipment and appreciate any questions or comments.

Safety is paramount when working with wet or dry concrete. Effective concrete safety measures prevent injuries such as falls, cuts, abrasions and burns, keeping employees healthy and productive. Here are some specific safety tips you can use to protect yourself and others every time you work with concrete. Dry concrete can irritate the eyes, nose, throat and upper respiratory tract. Contact with the skin can cause conditions ranging from moderate irritation to thickening / tearing of the skin. The dangers of silica, an important part of dry concrete, extend far beyond the normal risks of daily work.

Often a concrete construction site requires large chunks of heavy construction equipment and vehicles to work within a tight workspace, a disaster that hopes to happen. When vehicles and other types of mobile equipment are improperly operated by untrained workers, the risk of injury or even death in the work area is possible. Read more about safety tips on the construction site when working with wet, dry concrete.

Clothing saturated with contact with fresh concrete should be rinsed quickly with clean water to avoid continuous contact with skin surfaces. Consult a physician for persistent or serious discomfort. Despite OSHA’s security mandates, many entrepreneurs unfortunately do not take all necessary precautions to protect their employees.

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