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You can also use the Yoozon Selfie Stick as a phone holder for video calls. The frame does not affect your lenses and can also act as a tripod. This is especially true if you’re traveling abroad and need iPhone adapter fast charging so you can take more memorable photos and videos as you explore your surroundings. Now that you’ve shot so much with your phone, you’ll want to keep your photos and videos somewhere.

Do you want to become a YouTube or TikTok star, or do you just want better lighting for Zoom calls? Check out this 10-inch ring lamp, which comes with a 50-inch extendable tripod and a flexible stand for your smartphone. Apple’s iPhone is already packed with premium technology, but there’s a wide range of accessories that take the smartphone to the next level. If you want to keep your iPhone cleaner and potentially extend the life of your device, this PurePoint multitool cleaner is a great buy. It has accessories that fit perfectly into any port on the iPhone to ensure it is cleaned properly. It even allows cleaning your AirPods and Lightning cables, making it as functional as it is versatile.

Oh, and you also get a dead cat cover to block out wind and other unwanted background noise. They’re not flashy devices to pull out of a bag on set, but being able to go hands-free can make a big difference. This particular stand is just over 30″ long and the “gooseneck” look makes it flexible enough to use anywhere.

You may need to scan a QR code or enter an 8-digit HomeKit setup code found on the accessory. You can assign the accessory to a room and give it a name, and then use that name when you control the accessory with Siri. Whether you’re in the car or going for a walk this winter, these gloves from North Face are a great choice for anyone who wants to have their phone handy on the go. We love these gloves because they have a natural fit and you can use your phone with any finger, not just your index finger or thumb. It also has a conveniently knotted weight that you can move up and down the cable to ensure your iPhone stays on the table while charging without falling or moving. The cleaner is even alcohol and ammonia free, so you can be sure it’s safe to use on a phone screen without removing the factory lining.

The design also allows you to orient your phone vertically or horizontally, and while it’s a bit more expensive than other car mounts, it’s worth the investment for those who use MagSafe charging. This band has slots for your credit cards, a pocket to put your key in, and even dedicated slots to fit your wireless earbuds. It also fits different iPhone models and is available in a variety of stylish colors, from the black seen here to deep pink and cobalt blue. This list consists of accessories that really take your iPhone’s capabilities to the next level, from chargers to cases to headphones. To ensure customer happiness, all of the items below have an average customer rating of at least four stars or more. Charge your iPhone 14, iPhone 13 or iPhone 12 with a magnetic bike rack, tripod, wallet or power bank.

Nomad Goods has its own leather case for the iPhone line, and during our testing, it looks and feels just as good as Apple’s version. You won’t find any wild colors, but you’ll certainly be satisfied with high-quality leather cases that are stylish and adequately protect your iPhone. To put it in perspective, the average phone charger consumes five watts of power, while a laptop needs an average of 40 watts. The aftermarket for iPhone videography is huge, and that’s because creators use their phones to capture video footage in every conceivable situation. Finding a great lens won’t turn your iPhone into an EPIC RED… But it can help you get the best possible images from the camera you’re already carrying in your pocket. But it’s true whether you want to start a YouTube channel or do video marketing at work.

In fact, this article offers reviews of some of the most popular wireless units and is a good place to start your search. An external light source not only provides better light quality, but also gives you more flexibility to enhance your iPhone photography. However, assuming you don’t always have easy access to AC power to charge your iPhone, you may also want to consider a DC power option, which you can carry with you at any time to charge on the go. By using an external shutter release button, you have even more control over when the photo is taken, as you’re not limited by the self-timer setting.

The second generation AirPods Pro have just been launched and are a success. Improved noise cancellation, an adaptive transparency mode that goes beyond the impressive and longer battery life of its predecessor, all for the same price as the original. Read our full review to learn all the pros and cons of why it might be time to invest in a pair. And that doesn’t even reach the equally important market for iPhone videography apps. GoPro’s mobile app, Quik, is designed for photo editing, but also has a number of useful video tools.