Backup Marathon Tape Heaters

These offer more accurate results than the other types and can operate at much higher temperatures. These bands can withstand temperatures that rise up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and you have a maximum voltage of 480 V. They also ensure more efficient heat transfers. Magnesium oxide insulation also provides excellent thermal conductivity.

Some temperature controllers have a “soft start” function, but a similar result is achieved by lowering the temperature controller first. In heating and cooling applications, Starflex belt heaters are a popular choice. Starflex belt heaters can be equipped with optional cooling pipes that can quickly cool the heater due to their small total mass.

Do not install heating in places where there are gases or vapors. Remove the existing heater before installing the replacement heater. As with any installation that uses electrical connectivity, you should exercise extreme caution when handling product components to avoid electric shocks and subsequent injuries.

Other applications could include the use of heating tapes for injection molding and heating tapes for extruders. Belt heaters are designed to be mounted directly on the inside or outside of a cylindrical surface, providing the high temperatures and wattages required for today’s demanding processes. These heaters are widely used in extrusion and molding presses, heat treatment and autoclaves, pipe heating and many other applications. Tempco offers from stock a wide range of standard Mightyband coil heaters for forming bushings without plastic injection brokers and for internally heated injection molding machine nozzles. The inner diameter of a spiral heater is rolled up to a smaller size for a screwed fit. With newer plastic resins requiring higher working temperatures, there is a growing demand for heaters that can deliver more power in a given area.

This cable nozzle heater is manufactured using the Watlow compression process. This process ensures greater compaction of the mgO insulation than the competing lamination process. The compression of the MgO insulation to a solid mass results in excellent thermal conductivity and high dielectric strength. Another simple driving tip is to use two wrenches to install the wiring at the rear ends of the belt. This practice can eliminate errors because the wrench in the lower nut of the rod acts as a relief from tensions. If this procedure is not followed, the internal connection of the pole to the nickel-chromium resistance cable can be damaged and become a weak link in the heater.

Create a product and access instant information about delivery time, summary product attributes, and more. We offer fast service at competitive prices, a fast three-day service for custom designs and there is never a minimum Industrial Band Heater Manufacturer requirement. The construction is thicker than a thin band and does not allow the flexibility to open over the entire length of the belt. The inner metal strip can be folded down to the outer diameter of the belt.

Pipe strip heaters can be operated under the most adverse conditions. They have proven to be very effective in processing TeflonĀ® and high-temperature resins. Watlow’s mineral-insulatedĀ® belt heater is a high-performance heater that incorporates Watlow’s unique mineral insulation. This material offers much higher thermal conductivity than mica and hard ceramic insulators used in conventional heaters.