For A Cremation, 500 Kg Of Wood Is Needed; Here Are Some Eco-friendly Alternatives

While there’s no need to have funeral plans or host a memorial service, it’s always a fun way to pay a final tribute to a family member. Funeral and other services can be expensive, so you can choose to have either if you’re on a budget. Once the process cremation urns for ashes is complete, the ashes are collected in an urn and then handed over to family members. The family may choose to bury the urn, scatter the ashes, or keep it as souvenir urns. Some people even make cremation jewelry with the ashes of the deceased.

Many families who have a service with the cremation urn and their loved one’s cremated ashes choose to include a bouquet of flowers. There are many advantages to choosing this option, in addition to the zero cost of cremation. The body of the beloved deceased will help scientists, doctors and medical students learn more about humanity. This is an incredible legacy to leave behind and will help surviving family members in the future if they benefit from the results of scientific research.

While the average price of cremation is still much lower than the typical cost of a traditional burial and burial, there are still some ways in which the cost of cremation can be increased. The most basic cost of cremation does not include this option, but some people may want to have the traditional experience of burying their loved ones and may choose to use the so-called cremation cemetery. Many cemeteries will have a so-called “Garden of Urns,” where urns with the ashes of the deceased are buried in a regular type of burial plot. Because urns are smaller than one body, multiple urns can be buried in the same plot, reducing the average cost of cremation with a burial option.

The cost of a cremation urn ranges from $50 to more than $2,000, and according to a recent pricing study by the National Funeral Directors Association, the average cost of a cremation urn is $295. As such a popular material used in people’s final resting place, there are so many options to choose from. Finding the right one can be a labor of love, and the result a loving testimony to the power of family. This journey takes families through hundreds of options in wooden urns, with tips on how to select an urn and care for it after purchase. Our most popular wooden urns provide families with comfort and a constant reminder that their loved ones are always with them. It is understandable that some, while in the grip of immediate pain, decide to forgo the hassle and cost of conventional funeral or memorial services.

The fees charged by the cremation provider are usually included in the package offered to you by the funeral home. However, in some cases, this fee is not included in the quote provided by a funeral director: ask about it and see what additional costs, if any, there are to perform the actual cremation. Cremation and the actual services you can choose to include can be as low as a few hundred dollars to over ten thousand dollars. Selecting the urn that will contain your loved one’s cremated body is a very personal choice. Green-Wood can help you choose from a variety of urn options, each of which can be customized with an engraving to display a special message or statement in memory of your loved one. Neptune Society is the largest provider of affordable cremation services in the country.