Is It Safe To Have Sex For Periods?

However, it differs from couple to couple when it comes to experience. In addition, it is proposed to use a new, empty cup for sexual intercourse to minimize leakage. The first and most important complication of sex during periods are sexually transmitted diseases. There are different types of sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, hepatitis, syphilis, gonorrhea and chlamydia infection. While the pathogens of these diseases can be transmitted from other sources, such as saliva or direct blood contact, sex during menstruation becomes an easy way to spread infection by these pathogens.

Unless people are in a same-sex society or are trying to conceive, a method of contraception should be used even when a woman is menstruating. Although fungal infections can also occur without sexual activity, people may be at increased risk of a fungal infection due to hormonal changes over a period of time. The risk of infection is the same as at other times and can have some benefits. First of all, sex during periods can be a major detour in the first place.

“Some report that they are feeling more excited and sensitive right now,” says Ford. The current can serve as extra lubrication during sex, which can also increase pleasure. If you normally use a store-bought lubricant to help with dryness during sex, this could be your week to become natural. Getting pregnant depends on when ovulation occurs in your cycle. In theory, you are more likely to become pregnant with sex during your period if you ovulate early in your cycle or if your period lasts much longer than an average of five days. If you do not intend to become pregnant, it is best to use contraception.

But then there are women who also have sex during this period. In addition to the pleasure factor that arises from courtesy lubrication, they believe that safe indulgence during these days relieves real sex doll their discomfort. For some, sex also helps soothe menstrual-related irritability and headaches. In addition to STDs, unprotected sex can also lead to pregnancy, even during your period.

Using a condom is a great way to minimize the risk of pregnancy and STI transfer. Emergency contraception after sex is another way to minimize the chance of pregnancy, although with the vomit shortly after, it seems that your body may not have had enough time to absorb the pill. In any case, depending on your feeling of being “ten” (ten?), you may want to make an appointment with a medical care provider or speak to a pharmacist.

This is because the blood can affect you, your partner and the sheets, especially if you have heavy periods. This can make you a little aware of yourself and prevent you from enjoying the deed. The fear that the act could be a disaster can also take pleasure out of sex.