Why Gojek Users Leave Their Money And Turn To Gopay

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Our goal is to become the largest financial and payment services group in Southeast Asia. Since then, it has become a gateway to a wide range of financial products and services, making it easier for millions of Indonesians to access digital banking, microcredit, investment and insurance services. In 2019, Gojek was included in the Fortune list “Change the World” via GoPay. More and more drivers are saving the money they receive from their customers’ digital payment to their GO-PAY accounts instead of withdrawing the money they earn at the end of their working day. A handful of them are now saving some money from day-to-day work on their GO-PAY accounts and are instead using the service to buy groceries or pay their bills. GoPay is a digital payment system developed by Gojek to make it easier for the users of the application to carry out transactions such as paying for food orders such as GoFood or other services.

We are a friendly team of enthusiasts who have decided to revolutionize the banking environment and come up with better solutions. What was once just a dream has become a reality in 2020. We turn our visions into great products and are unstoppable. We are building a financial ecosystem that aims to conquer the financial world in Europe.

Our vision is to provide everyday users and traders with a unique combination of financial services and fun. Go-Pay’s biggest rival, Ovo, is backed by Singapore-based technology company Grab and is one of the biggest players in the Indonesian digital payments market. State-owned companies have also recently collaborated to launch the LinkAja mobile payment service. With the regular account, you can only have up to 1 million IDR (US$66). After this update, you can use the peer-to-peer transfer feature, which allows you to send and request money from other go-pay users. Even without GOJEK pushing GO-PAY for drivers, many have already started using the service beyond receiving and paying for services in the GOJEK app.

Although it is still minor, the change is a change, no matter how small. Be Digital or Not be Digital When GOJEK was launched in 2010, it had only 10 driver partners and no presence in the financial services sector. For direct deposit, funds slot via gopay can be transferred to your bank account daily. There are no additional fees from the game managers if the direct deposit is used as a payment method. It may take 1-2 business days for your payment to appear on your bank statement.

And as more and more customers choose GO-PAY, GOJEK Driver’s partners are motivated to open the digital account to accept payments. At the same time, consumers are increasingly willing to use financial services, with 1 out of 4 GoPay users interested in opening a bank account through GoPay, according to the same study. GoPay Digital Wallet is working with Bank Jago, the Indonesian technology bank, to work on a leaner digital banking to help the large number of people without and without a bank account in the country, according to a press release. Within the framework of the partnership, the Gojek application will make this possible… UNSGSA for Inclusive Development Finance has recognized the progress that GOJEK has made in enabling digital financial inclusion in Indonesia.

Currently, the GO-PAY the GO-BILLS feature allows users to pay various bills, including electricity, social security, cable TV and Internet, water and gas, among others. Shakti says that GOJEK has not yet fully disclosed GO-PAY to its driver partners, as the company has done for the users of the service. However, a change in behavior is already observed among drivers.

In December 2016, market research firm JakPat mobile surveyed Internet users in Indonesia about their use of “digital cash,” defined as a prepaid and rechargeable digital payment method that includes apps and payment cards. It was found that GoPay has the fourth highest usage rate among users of digital cash at 27.1%. YOGYKARTA-GoPay is a digital payment tool that makes it easier for users to make purchase and sale transactions. Users can install the Gojek app on their mobile phones and create an account to use GoPay. Then similar partnerships were established, not only with convenience stores and pharmacies, but also with MSMEs.