15 Best Vodka Cocktails

Strain glass screen and cover with lime or blueberry torsion. Just pouring alcohol into LaCroix may sound good, but it doesn’t really work – most flavors have bitterness that doesn’t work with alcohol without help. Squeeze the lime juice into a copper cup and release it into the worn bowl. Add ice cubes, pour the vodka and fill it with cold ginger beer. Fill a glass of ice and pour the vodka cocktail into the glass. Then add a dash of sparkling water.

Shake and place it on rocks or martin glass. Mix 3 mint leaves and pour in rocking glass with vodka, lime juice and sweetener. Stir and cover with sparkling water. Pour vodka, cranberry juice and lime juice into a Collins glass on ice. Top with soft drinks and garnish with a slice of lime.

It only requires two ingredients: vodka and coffee liqueur, plus an optional cherry on top, and mixes in minutes. Don’t worry about splashing the vodka; a solid and cheap bottle works fine. Vodka can be the most mixable and useful drink at the bar.

Add the coffee-flavored Absolut vodka, your choice of milk and corn syrup to a shaker. Pour the liquid and ice into a glass. Stir and sieve in a rock glass filled with ice cubes.

I never let the strawberry season pass without mixing at least some cocktails. To do this, we confuse fruit with simple syrup, lime juice and mint leaves, shake vodka and cover with soft drinks. First disturb the strawberries before adding vodka gifts for her the mint: you want the berries to be completely sprayed, but the mint becomes sour if you are too rough on it. Stir or shake coconut water, vodka, agave, lime juice and grated ginger in a shaker and pour over ice in 4 highball glasses.

There are many fruity flavors to love in this recipe. It combines the clear flavors of orange juice and peach brandy with the dark fruits of cranberry juice and cassia cream . With a vodka base it’s just great. Many vodka cocktails are heavy on the fruit and high balls like the screwdriver are nothing more than fruit juice with spikes. From brunch to happy hour, it’s great all day. Of course, freshly squeezed orange juice is preferred and a better screwdriver is created, although this is not a requirement.

A classic Bloody Mary is never a bad choice for a summer brunch, but this intense variation in Thai style is even better. We start with standard vodka and tomato juice, but we replace Worcestershire with fish sauce and Tabasco with oeleksambal. Cilantro relieves the drink, a simple brown sugar syrup adds sweetness and the beer gives it a bit sparkling.

Combine gin, vermouth and olive juice in an ice mixing tin. Decorate with as many olives as you want on a toothpick. Be inspired by some of the best vodka cocktails on the internet. From classic vodka cocktail recipes like a Lemon Drop Martini to Sex on the Beach Slushies, we have tons of cocktail ideas for everyone with more fun.