5 Fun Games to Play With Your Dog That Will Make Him Healthier and Happier

Summer is just around the corner for most of us, so it’s time to dust off the dog and, of course, treat yourself to fun games with your pet in the local park. There is a large number of classes for dogs suitable for all breeds, and the good thing is that they are free, you do not need expensive equipment and, most importantly, they will help keep your dog in great shape. physical and mental state.

Pick up

One of the most favorite games of all dog breeds, if, of course, to learn the rules – Go Fetch. Training a dog not only expands your arsenal of dog training methods, but also helps to strengthen your bond with the dog, which will positively affect all areas of your relationship.

When teaching the dog to bring, use a ball that should not be too small or too hard, as it can swallow it or damage his teeth. If you have a puppy you would like to teach to pick up and hit the ball, here are some puppy training methods that will make this game a success.

Put the puppy on a long training leash. Show him the ball, at the same time a little teasing him to arouse his interest. If your dog takes an interest, roll the ball on the ground, but only on a foot or two, and let your dog “catch” or “catch” him. As soon as your dog picks up the ball, start enthusiastically remembering it. As soon as he is at arm’s length, grab the balloon and ask the dog to “leave” or “fall.” When he opens his mouth, praise him and please, if you like, or some other game. Continue this exercise by increasing the distance you are rolling the ball on the ground.

Find a treat

Finding a treat – another exciting game that you can play with the dog, because it encourages the dog to use its main feeling – smell. Start by hiding a delicacy from a meal, such as cheese or sausage, so that your dog can find it. Although dogs have a very developed sense of smell, they still need a little encouragement to discipline the search, so simplify it early on by sending the dog to the treat using the word ‘find’. Soon you will be able to hide treats anywhere, and your dog will quickly find them.


If you really want to develop and test your dog’s skills in this area, you can try a search game in your local park. Use your dog’s ball exercise or a small piece of cloth. Again, start putting the dog on a training leash, as it will help her to first go to the ball or piece of cloth. Start by walking, and until your dog looks unnoticed, drop a ball or rag. Climb a few yards, then stop, turn around, give the dog a command, such as ‘find’ and start walking to the ball or cloth. Encourage the dog to do this all the time. If he finds the ball, congratulate him and start the game again.


Many breeds of dogs like to draw games, especially larger ones. Again, this is a great way to help your pet get rid of the accumulated energy, but as in all games, much nicer when everyone follows the rules. To make one of these fun dog jerk games, make sure you always start this game; Your dog should know that tug-of-war belongs to you, not them, and you decide when to play this game. Do not over-stimulate your dog during this game and be sure to teach its team to “get out” or “go” first so that you always control the game.

Some trainers recommend always ‘winning’ your dog’s toy tug so as not to encourage dominant behavior. I wouldn’t play a game that didn’t win for too long, would I? It is normal when your dog from time to time ‘wins’ his toy tug if it plays games according to your rules.

Catch a frisbee

The last game, which is especially popular among many dog breeds, especially collie, German Shepherds and Retrievers, is “catch frisbee”. If your dog has never played this game before, make sure it is healthy enough, as this game can be quite challenging physically. To teach the dog to catch frisbee, allow the dog to catch a frisbee, rolling it with one foot on the floor. When your dog is happy to take a frisbee, you can retreat a few feet and throw it at his dog so she can grab it. Once your dog is constantly catching a frisbee at this distance, you can gradually increase the distance.

Continue and enjoy these five dog activities. This is a great way to keep you and your dog healthy. However, do not overdo it, especially in hot weather. Take frequent breaks between games and don’t forget to bring the dog enough water.

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