How To Protect The Privacy Of Customer Data In Digital Marketing

Laws and regulations are likely to always be a step away from technology and will generally address reactive data protection issues. Instead, be proactive in protecting user privacy and meet the highest standards of best practice. The Federal Trade Commission, which requires companies to disclose their corporate privacy policies to customers.

These seven guidelines can help protect confidential information. If you operate from an office or physical space, make sure you have your own Wi-Fi network, instead of using or sharing a public network with other companies, with separate options for employees and guests. When configuring, choose WPA2 security protocols as it provides encryption and requires longer passwords. You must change the password regularly in your Wi-Fi network so that the passwords protecting the data are long, with symbols, numbers and capital letters, and are updated every 90 days. You can also implement multi-factor authentication at critical points.

The privacy policy is very easy to read and understand, as are the technical documents about data privacy. By being so transparent about how they protect user data and limit data collection, StartMail gains a serious competitive advantage over Gmail. Clearly, gaining and maintaining customer trust by protecting your data is vital to a company’s competitiveness and continued success. Notable data breaches have drawn attention to data protection shortcomings. The Securities and Exchange Commission, which maintains rules regarding disclosure of data breaches and general data protection.

Checking your data collection is a necessary step to ensure that your company complies with applicable privacy laws. Start by finding all the ways your company collects personal information about your customers. There are clear places like website forms and analysis tools, but don’t forget mobile apps and save data collection . You are legally, if not morally, obliged to treat your customers’ personal data in a respectful and honest manner. But protecting customer privacy doesn’t have to be an attack on your business.

In fact, people at airports have recently been detained only for their political views, and there seems to be minimal public will to stop such practices. The need for stricter laws is stronger after US web service provider Yahoo admitted that hackers stole confidential information from half a billion users in 2014. 부산오피 The data breach was a huge setback for the company, raising several questions about the disclosure of news after two years of the piracy incident. Customers trust you with their most confidential information, from credit cards to social security information, and it is their responsibility to protect you.