Improved Performance Of Anti-glare Coatings For LED Displays

With the clear LED screen rental service from Vi Luc Technology Co., Ltd, you only need a few hours or a working day to get a professional advertising screen during the day. The transparent LED display case is a new type of display case, which has a transparent LED on the front instead of glass and displays the product inside. This shop window attracts customers by contrasting the product vividly with the background of the digital content. So it has a thin and light panel that makes transport quick, convenient and easy.

The high brightness makes the content on the screen sharp at night and during the day. Transparent LED screens also have an option for adjusting brightness, making them better for all climates and environments. Its use should overcome the problem of the ordinary replacement of paper poster publications, nor the ordinary LED screen and LCD screen, heavy, waterproof and ugly weakness. LED lamp beads account for 70% of the production costs of LED displays.

Most transparent LED screens on the market cannot be used purely outdoors, while the rental market is often used outdoors. It really solves the problem for leasing Wumei’s transparent LED display. Unlike a roadside billboard, you can adapt a transparent LED display to different configurations using existing structures. For example, companies in buildings with large windows can take advantage of the outdoor space while still honoring the vision of the original architect. Smaller screens work just as well indoors, as scaling or shrinking doesn’t affect brightness, resolution, or image transparency. Transparent LED displays offer the best of both worlds by using window space for advertising, while offering the benefit of 55% to 93% visibility.

The display device connects to the computer system, which helps control light-emitting diodes and control high energy levels. Users can update on-screen content whenever they want, making it better for outdoor advertising. The LED display has special modules that are installed separately in each section led screens of the LED display. These modules are easily replaceable, making them ideal for long-term use and easy maintenance. It also makes LED displays ideal thanks to convenient maintenance management. These LED screens are ideal for large spaces and outdoor advertising, often as a glass curtain wall.

The transparent LED screen is the best way to do this, as it allows users to add and use content to the screens. LED displays have a transparent LED module that helps in making digital signage on displays. After a long time of technical innovation and development, the transparent LED display is widely accepted by customers all over the world.

The company’s main technological focus is to develop the next generation of natural user interface solutions that are widely adopted in the computing industry. It’s an innovative means of working with stage lighting, sound effects and performance to create unique, realistic and dreamy visual experiences. Up to 80% transparency percentage can maintain internal daylighting and display, SMDs are almost invisible from a distance. In general, the higher pixel pitch density will sacrifice the permeability of the screen. Therefore, it is vital to make a thorough trade-off between pixel pitch and final permeability. For example, if your restaurant has a terrace with TVs, you want your customers to stay engaged in the entertainment provided.

The circuit board is only 10 mm thick, 14 kg / ㎡ light weight provides a small possible space for installation and minimizes the negative impact on the appearance of buildings. It also has a new and unique screen, the audience stood up to look into the distance, like an image on top of the hanging glass curtain wall. Anti-reflective coatings have grown in popularity, and for good reason, providing long-term protection from external elements and providing the clearest optical experience for consumers.