Interesting Texting Games to Play With a Girl to Win Her – The Keys You Don’t Know

Girls will respond to text messages if they are not commonplace, except when they are completely in love with you while you want to impress yourself.

You’ll never know if you don’t make up your mind and start writing to her. Because you can find a lot of one-line messages on the network, try not to send the ones you’ve already played. It’s nice to be original and let my daughter gladly read what no one has sent her yet.

Here are some text games that you can play with a girl –

Be brave! Send her a message asking if she’s heard the latest gossip in town? His first response would be to ask who sent him the message.

Then you pronounce your name and remind her where and how you met. If she’s interested, she’ll come back to you and ask you about gossip. Tell her that you met this girl who totally amazed you.

She’ll be curious, and she’ll want to know more. Write his name and accompany him with an emoji.

Now there will definitely be a break, as she does not know how to answer. Play in silence! It’s important. His answer holds him responsible for his position in this pursuit of attention.

Girls are naturally curious. Try telling her story, and if you feel like she’s starting to get interesting, stop! Curiosity kills the cat! She will send you a few messages asking you to continue the story.

You can tell him you’re busy, but you’ll keep the ending of the meeting for the day. Did you get the idea?

Don’t write too much to the girl –

There are many text games that you can play with a girl, but one of the dangers here is that you overdo it and suddenly find yourself in a long silence.

Write to her only when you get an answer, and wait at least a day before you do so.

Don’t write to him in the evening from 19 to 23, it’s a great gift when you have nothing to do and sit on your own.

She should be wondering what your movements are, what places you are visiting and who you really are. Do not provide this information when you send an SMS.

Wait until you start dating, and even then never let the girl know everything about you. Keep some knowledge to yourself because you should always be on top.

SMS games that people play –

You can be cheeky and send her a message that read:

“I feel these fluctuations between us. What do you think we’re going to do about it? Or
“I saw this amazing bird flying low in the park, and the boy reminded me of you!”
“Stop playing hard to get there? We’re in too much of a hurry, and we think we haven’t started dating yet?”
Try some of the above rules if you plan to play text games with a girl. His answer is a good testament to his feelings for you.

If she continues to show indifference, drop her and find someone else. It’s fun to text girls and find out which ones suit you by the type of humor.

If you like to play games with text messages, you can download some apps and play with your girlfriend in your spare time.

Always get her permission before you start, so as not to scare her out of boredom. Enjoy sending cool messages and gradually start meeting her in person.

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