LED Street Lighting

LEDs clearly represent the future of lighting. Energy efficient and long-lasting, LED lights have won over people who are trying to be green in their homes as well as business owners who see the value in lamps that can cut electric bills in half and that don’t require frequent bulb changes. The benefits of LED lighting outweigh even those of CFLs, as they last much City Street Lighting longer while using a fraction of the energy, they’re shock-proof and cool to the touch, they reach full brightness immediately, and they don’t contain mercury or any other toxic heavy metals.

LED technology progresses very quickly, and there are already models that defy critics’ ideas of their capabilities. Some examples: Many LED lamps are now dimmable, and they are available in a wide range of brightness, beam spreads and color temperatures to fulfill any and all lighting applications.

LED street lights have taken off in many major cities across the country, favored by engineers for their energy efficiency and highly visible, clean, white light. One star of this arena is the Tripiti Wall Pack, sold by LED Waves. Available in packs of 2, 4, and 6, this LED light is commonly used in tunnels, bridges and crossroads; areas that need constant illumination regardless of whether it’s running on full power or emergency back-up. It’s a sturdy, dependable, and energy-efficient lighting option.

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