Silent Auctions

Previously, organizations had to close items by category, collect offer sheets, manually identify winners, and then take the winners’ payments. In addition, the winners silent auction ideas had to wait in a long queue, which did not provide a very positive event experience. To set up an online event page, you need help from the auction software.

This means having access to items that encourage donors to bid not just once, but many times. Donated gifts are often purchased as silent auction items and usually include products or services. Although they may have a lower value than souvenir items, they can be profitable, since 100% of the money is held by the fundraiser. Asking for donations can be a challenge for most people, but being a fundraising organizer is an essential skill.

If you are using silent auction software to create an event website, include the link in your communication with supporters. You or your volunteers can contact the participants when they enter to get an impulse for the room and get them excited about the offers. If you are using a silent auction or mobile bidding software, you may also need to explain how it works. You can collect the information of the participants in case you need to contact them after the event. This is very important because you may have to contact the winners after the event — or present them with receipts. Some offer sheets include a place where people can write down their contact information, but again, not everyone feels comfortable leaving their information in a public place.

Some allow you to view the auction progress on one screen, which is great for encouraging the competitive people out there. When the auction is over, all bidders will be notified and a message can be given, for example. Unsuccessful bidders can also receive a thank you letter for their support, but they can also encourage you to consider a donation or support in some other way – anything you want. This can be less daunting than some other options for volunteers who work in the evenings. One disadvantage is that bidders can forget during the day or night and not return to check their offers.

In contrast, a live auction requires everyone to pay attention to the auction, which provides little opportunity for socializing. Items offered at the auction have the “minimum requirements for the increase” indicated on their bid sheet. Nowadays, silent auctions can be conducted using mobile bidding applications, which makes it easier to maintain anonymity and not inform bidders about the amount placed by other bidders. Once bids have been placed, the highest bidder wins the item and the proceeds go to the cause or non-profit organization.