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The first type is the high-level script engine that includes packaging and refinement of the script engine. The second type, the low-level scripting engine, contains only feature packages associated with API. Four researches and researched the development of game engines on mobile platforms. Recently, developers have previously developed or used open source game engines to streamline the game development process. Several researchers have proposed script-based game engines based on design patterns and customizable.

The developer can approach the established community and focus on technical things instead of starting all over again. They used this approach for the massive development of multi-player online games. Proposed analysis of fast prototyping for games that depend on Pranndo’s history, interactive 3D computer games and game development frameworks. Prototypes also help identify missing functionality, after which developers can easily incorporate quick design changes.

Rapid and continuous technological changes and intense competition not only have consequences for the company, but also have a major impact on development activities. To cope with this strong competition and high pressure, game development organizations and game developers must continuously evaluate their activities and apply an appropriate evaluation methodology. The results of the study emphasized that using an appropriate evaluation methodology will help the organization identify its strengths, weaknesses and provide guidance for improvement.

It is becoming easier and cheaper than ever to develop game engines for platforms that support managed frames. Amazon Lumberyard and Open3D, Amazon’s open source game engine, support both mobile game development and platform-independent development . Both offer a user-friendly Twitch integration that can help developers create compelling stories to keep users entertained. One of the advantages over other game engines is that Amazon game engines are really free with no royalties or license fees. Businesses, individual developers, gaming companies, and educational institutions can create, distribute, and make money from game development software.

However, the fragmented nature of the GDSE process requires a comprehensive evaluation strategy, which has not yet been fully investigated. Finally, this type of research work provides a basis for other studies in the GDSE process life cycle domain and highlights the research topics that need more attention in this area. The results of this study will help researchers identify lifecycle research gaps in the GDSE process and highlight areas for future research contributions.

It also set a set of requirements based on emotional criteria, game criteria and sensory requirements . The specification of requirements phase must meet the functional and non-functional requirements of game development. The main aim of this research was to give an idea of the domain of the life cycle of the GDSE process, because researchers have pointed out in the past that it is different from the traditional software development process.