The Games Singles Play

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, “masquerade” is an “absurd excuse.” It’s also a game that people play, where they have to play different scenarios, and others guess what they’re trying to convey with a pantomime.

If countless single people remembered their solitary lives, they would laugh at some of the games they played and played.

People play games with themselves, their family and friends, the church, the opposite sex and God.

Here are some of the singles games:


Mastermind is who will call whom first and who will give in. In this game it all comes down to control. Here one of the parties involved wants to dominate the other by controlling the emotions of the other side in the relationship. It’s about playing a psychologist, trying to become a psychic and not revealing your true feelings for each other.

Emotional Games – To Be or Not to Be

In this game, the bachelor tries to make jealous of the person with whom he is in a relationship. They play all sorts of emotional games with their partner to show that they are not needed in life and that they are independent. I remember the story of a man who played Gloria Gaynor’s “I’ll Survive” every time he had a fight with her boyfriend. The lyrics read: “I will survive as long as I can love, I know I will live. I have my whole life to live. I have all my love I can give away. I’m going to make it.” . The girl played this song, so that her boyfriend made it clear to her that she was all right, although in fact it is not. Singles who play emotional games know the ‘Achilles heel’ or ‘weak spot’ of their partner, and if they don’t get what they want or want, they will increase the pressure.

Secret squirrel

This game is about keeping secrets from each other and about not delivering much trouble. When people are secretive, intimate relationships cannot develop. They can not have real intimacy, because they hide intimate or secret thoughts. Of course, some things need to be postponed for a certain time and, for example, not even say at all. abusive past. Some men may never accept that the partner they are with has been abused in the past, especially if he or she has been incestuous. Such secrets can be hidden. However, when it comes to general questions or facts about a person’s life, it is important to be open and discuss this intimate information with someone with whom you are going to spend the rest of your life.

Transformation game

In the transformation game, a lonely man wants to turn the person he is dealing with into his ideal partner. Now we really know that no one is perfect. That’s why there’s no perfect person. All singles have different problems they face, but I’ve heard some really strange stories in which people have tried to turn the person they’re dating into a completely different person. For example, there was a story about a girl who had a relationship with a man outside her culture. She was very “English” and the person she was dating was very “African.” She didn’t like his accent. But everything in him, except his accent, showed that he really was the man she was supposed to marry. She did everything she could to change her accent, and she almost lost it. The relationship was very helpful.

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