Web 3.0 Marketing

You have seen new names like Pluck Jaiku and Joost web sites pop up over the last year or so. These sites are growing at a fast pace and they are outgrowing sites like Blogger and WordPress. Because intelligent information is available at our fingertips on any device, it allows people to have access to more usable information.


Many companies are starting to seriously look at how they can capitalize on this new way of marketing. These are a few components of Web 3.0 Marketing:

1. On demand collaboration allows users to interact in real time.

2. Customization/personalization allows visitors to create a more personalized experience. As the web becomes more intelligent, personalization will be the norm.

Microblogging is the ability to share your thoughts with a set number of characters. A lot of people want to get right to the point.

Virtual reality worlds are places users visit to interact with others. There are meetings being conducted each day and from all over the world.

Here are a few areas you will notice changes to in the very near future:

The fastest growing in the marketing trend in Web3.0 is the mobile market. Cell phones are becoming the norm. If you don’t have access to the web or if you don’t get email on your cell, you are considered in the ice age.

Because the web is so open, a lot of information is being shared. You must be aware that your information can be found digested and used by anyone, so security is and will start to be more of major issues. Identity theft is on the rise and consumers are starting to get a little more skeptical about putting information on the web. With any major shift, some companies will be obsolete and other companies will prosper by taking advantage of the changing times. Security companies will need to work hard to keep up with the demand the consumers will want when working online.

One major trend over the last few years is virtual communication services like Gotomeetng and Webex.com. They are attracting 15,000 new users each month. About 7 million worldwide users used Webex each month. Yes, 7 million each month and growing! One of the main reasons is the cost savings. Instead of paying for a plane ticket, hotel room and taxi cab, just connect to a Gotomeeting session for much, much less.

Web 3.0 marketing is already here and will only get bigger and bigger. Times are changing and the companies that recognize this shift and start to invest in the new trend will benefit over the companies that do not.

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