Wedding Rings

“Determine your budget before you start your search,” Stuller says. “Then be honest and candid about what it’s like to work with your jeweler or search online. It’s possible to have a dream wedding band within a budget.” If platinum is out of your budget, white gold is a great alternative. It is a very popular variety of modern metal and a great choice for wedding rings. However, over time, the rhodium coating on the white gold will disappear, forcing you to re-polish the ring.

It would help you mix and match styles to create perfect wedding rings with each other. Going completely off the beaten path is also a very good idea, but remember to keep that timeless aspect in mind, as you tend to wear these rings for the longest time in your life. Well, experts suggest that each pair should choose wedding rings that fit their lifestyle. Those who work hard and have the ability to hit rings on heavy surfaces or metals should not select rings with soft diamonds. Fragile rings would not work for them and could be damaged in the long run. For example, engraved rings may not be the best choice for chefs, as they would catch dust, spices, and food particles.

Or if you have a diamond engagement ring, why not add a little more color to your life by choosing a wedding ring lined with your favorite colored gems? Adding a few colors to your bridal outfit will surely set you apart from the rest in the right ways. The most popular types of DR wedding ring engagement ring fittings are solitaire, three-stone and halo diamond rings. There are virtually endless ways to add your own unique touch to these classic styles, even with accent diamonds or gemstones and with finishing details such as milgrain, hammer, filigree or engraving.

Platinum is also hard and heavy: the hardness makes it durable and some people like the weight of a platinum band or engagement ring. Palladium bands are naturally as hypoallergenic as platinum, but similar in price to yellow or white gold because the metal is less rare. After you get engaged, you’ll be drawn straight into the world of wedding planning with lots of to-do’s, including choosing wedding rings, on your list. With so many styles of wedding rings to choose from, choosing your perfect match can seem a little daunting. Depending on the style of your engagement ring, you may prefer that the wedding ring sits firmly against your diamond ring with no space between them. Often there are recessed rings available, but if not, you can have one made to measure to match your engagement ring.

Just like buying a wedding dress, having a dollar amount in mind before you start your search will help you avoid the heartbreak of falling in love with something that’s out of your price range. A common question that comes up when buying wedding rings is “should our wedding rings match?” Contrary to what some may say, your wedding ring doesn’t have to match your partner’s. While the choice of coordination bands is traditional and still desired by certain couples, you don’t feel pressured to match if you have two different flavors. Express your individuality and choose the ring you like best, and let your partner choose the ring that best suits him or her. Too often, couples wait until the last minute to buy their wedding rings.